I just published my first post on the Redfin Developers’ blog: How Not To Have To Right-Click a Hundred Photos.

And, no, don’t worry.  I’m not switching back to the light side from the PM dark side.  I just had to work some old muscles again.

BeetlejuiceHead“First off, let me disclaim one thing: I’m not a developer at Redfin. I’m actually just a member of the product management and design team. I have been a dev in my past life, but I’m rusty to say the least.  Even though it’s not part of my job, I still love to code a little on the side when I can.  I’m always afraid my coding muscles will atrophy and I’ll end up being like this guy from the movie Beetlejuice.   And, well, that wouldn’t be a good look for me.

If you’re a Redfin fan, you can rest easy though.  My code is usually either for internal use or just some automation to complete a task.  It’s almost never something you’d interact with on the website or our mobile apps.  I’m not sure I’d let me do that and I’m definitely sure our developers would be rightfully concerned if I did. ” 

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