Welcome to ‘Jumble’, my new random stuff post.  There’ve been a few random things I’d come across and wanted to share, but none of them were worth a post alone.  (Probably not even worth a post when together, but I can’t be serious all the time!)  I promise not to use it too often.


Does Anyone Need Fries With That Anymore?

Bored with fresh food or salads? Bored with your burger? Bored with being able to walk?

No problem. America has just the thing to cure your boredom! Welcome to the home of the newest healthy meals: the Taco Bell Waffle Taco and Krispy Kreme Pie Donuts.   Don’t forget to grab an original kreme donut shake with it.  I can’t imagine this is what the founders of Instagram had in mind, but maybe they did.

All I can think about is:

Disney's Wall-E

Disney’s Wall-E


Will the Seattle city council be putting limits on personal chair/cars as well?  Contact your city council member now to let them know what you think!


Easily Grab Someone’s Email from LinkedIn

linkedin-hack-extensionAs Gizmodo mentions, the servers for this new extension are apparently a bit overloaded right now.  Hopefully they’ll get the issues addressed because this extension sounds like an awesome timesaver.  Anyone who has recruited talent knows emailing someone directly from your company email address is  more likely to get a response from a candidate than a LinkedIn mail.

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