Friends, Family & Me

How Long Before Family Trees Can Be Built of Facial Recognition?

Recently, I wanted to find photos of a particular friend in my photo library.  I’m pretty religious about file naming and organization, so it wouldn’t be a major task if I could remember all the events we were both at.  But finding him in ~25,000 photos of friends and family wasn’t really something I could    […]

Passing the Torch

It’s been a long and amazing journey, but it’s time to move on to something new:  my last day at Redfin was December 1st. I thought I’d share my good-bye note (edited to remove NDA info, of course!) It was a fun (and kinda crazy) look back at how much we’ve done together over the    […]

Aloha Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Raven!

We spent last weekend in the beautiful state of Hawaii for our friends’, Eugene and Raven, wedding. It was an amazing day at an amazing place on the island of Kuaui at the Grand Hyatt. Hawaiian weddings really are something. We also made a quick side trip to the Big Island to check out the    […]