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Get a Truer Candidate Impression: Start Your Interview at the End

One of my favorite interview techniques is to begin at the end.  It lets me get a much clearer, untainted sense of a candidate’s point of view.  I’m not talking about some crazy scheme or complicated process.  I usually start a candidate’s interview with what he or she expects to have a chance to ask    […]

Need a New Resume Quickly? Try Resume Builder from LinkedIn Labs

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly find a great person to date only after you give up trying to find her or him?  I know several people that have had that happen.  Often a fantastic opportunity presents itself when you least expect it. The same can be true for your career.  Even if you are perfectly    […]

Job Scooper Update: 70+ sites supported & Now User Friendly!

A few friends have asked me if they can get similar new job alerts to what I’d set up for myself by writing Jobs Scooper.  After sending them one test alert, it was immediately clear to me that I had to make it actually usable for others if they were going to get value from    […]

How Much Gravitas Should Your Resume Have?

After creating a mind-blowing resume, the next thing you obviously have to do is save it as a PDF for emailing and a nice printout for handing out to interviewers.    The question on my mind has been:  what paper should I use for the printout? It’s a Goldilocks problem:  too think and you look    […]

Is a Great LinkedIn Profile Enough? Nope, Resumes Still Matter.

There is nothing more important to your success as a job candidate than your resume.  That one document is very likely the reason you do or do not get to the first interview.  Most recruiters and hiring managers will spend no more than 30 seconds initially scanning it.  It needs to grab their attention right    […]

Getting Back into the Inbox Zero Habit

I’ve long been a fan and follower of the Inbox Zero practice, keeping my inbox as empty as possible at all times and not using it as a todo list.  I found starting back in my Microsoft days that getting the noise out of my inbox helped me stay on top of things much, much better.    […]

Great Google-y Moogly! More Sites You Should Know

While researching a company I’m interested in (nope, not telling you who it is), I came across  If you don’t know them, they offer services for businesses to manage their profile on the Internet.  I’ve never used them before personally, but I certainly had heard their advertising a lot.  I’ve even heard one of    […]

Have You Googled Yourself Lately? Before Starting a Job Search, Review Your Social Media Profiles Everywhere

As part of getting started on the search for my next adventure after Redfin, I needed to do what I probably should have done years ago: clean up my LinkedIn and other online profiles.  They’d gotten sorely out of date.  Since I wasn’t looking for a job, I’d gotten lazy and let them all lapse.    […]

The End is Nigh on Another Crazy Year at Redfin

As every year before it has been, 2012 was also a wide ride here at Redfin.  It was a year of growth across the company across the board (which is awesome that we are lucky to have the success to do.)  I personally feel blessed by the new chances I’ve been given to try many    […]