How To Easily Give Free Money to Charity… Thanks to

Amazon started this amazing charity program,  AmazonSmile. They’ve made it drop-dead easy for you to donate Amazon’s money to your favorite charity – at zero cost to you — just by doing what you’re probably already doing: shopping on Of course, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer like I am, then there’s really no    […]

SOLVED: VMWare Fusion, Windows Vista and Boot Camp

It took a ton of Googling, but I finally figured out how to get past the errors I was seeing trying to launch my Boot Camp partition in Fusion. When I did a Safe Mode boot of Windows in Boot Camp, I could see that chkdsk.sys was in my way, but I could not figure    […]

Qwest Service Survey: Those are all the questions we have today.

I clicked the survey I got from Qwest regarding how their service was on a techsupport call. Literally when I opened the survey the first, this is all I got: 200905020800.jpg Guess they already got my feedback or didn’t really want it. 🙂

Kindle on iPhone

Amazon shipped their Kindle app for the iPhone. I guess it’ll be handy to have another copy of my books around when traveling or waiting, but I can’t see this becoming my primary device. The LCD is just nowhere as readable as the eInk in my Kindle 1. Kudos to Amazon on a decent startup    […]

Windows 7 install succeeded

Thanks to the helpful guide from the VMWare Fusion team, I was finally able to get Windows 7 installed. It had to be installed as a clean Windows install though, so none of my apps are there yet. At first blush, it seems to work just fine. I haven’t really dug in a lot yet to see what the fuss is about.

New blog:

OK, hopefully this is a new and improved blog where I can play around with more plugins, etc and actually learn some things. I’ve moved off and onto my own domain, and blog.bryanselner via BlueHost to open up new possibilities on what I can learn and play with in Wordpress. Let me know if you see any problems with the new site. I’m sure there’ll be a couple kinks to work out.

Blog upgrades: Bookmarks & Twitter

I’ve finally gotten around to adding my Twitter feed to the blog (took all of 5 minutes). I have also tried setting up Delicious to auto-post my new interesting links daily; we’ll see how the latter goes.

Upgraded to iPhoto ’09

I’ve upgraded the laptop and desktop to iPhoto ’09 (yay for family plans.) So far I like: “Do not copy files to iPhoto library” checkbox: I don’t know if that was there in ’08 or not, but was always a pet peeve of mine about iPhoto. I manage my photos via the file system first.    […]

Windows 7 Fusion

My first attempt to install the Windows 7 beta in a VMWare Fusion image failed. When it got to the Windows 7 install, I think it couldn’t find all the right drivers to get itself going. I’ve recreated a new VMWare image and hopefully got all the necessary drivers and OS updates in place first    […]

Workaround for Kindle and Amazon’s Wishlist

I still don’t understand why Amazon doesn’t support Wishlists for their Kindle. I realized tonight that their new Universal Wishlist feature allows for a solid workaround. Here’s how: Go to the Universal Wishlist page Add the browser button Go to the Kindle book you want to add to your Wishlist Click the “Add to Wish    […]