Jumble: Pie Donuts + Waffle Tacos, LinkedIn + Email

Welcome to ‘Jumble’, my new random stuff post.  There’ve been a few random things I’d come across and wanted to share, but none of them were worth a post alone.  (Probably not even worth a post when together, but I can’t be serious all the time!)  I promise not to use it too often.      […]

Finally, Enough Snow to Head to a Mountain.

One of my only laments having this winter off has been the atrocious snow season the Northwest has had.  I had thought I’d get a ton of time on the slopes, but the weather did not cooperate with my plan.  This chart of Mount Baker’s snowfall for last season vs. this season should give you a    […]

Seahawks, Startups, Seattle, Super Bowl and a Serious Number of Fans.

I didn’t plan on writing anything about the Seahawks until I saw a great post on Geekwire from Len Jordan, a managing director at Madrona Ventures Group here in Seattle.  Several of the points in his post, “12 startup lessons from the Seattle Seahawks’ amazing Super Bowl victory“, really resonated with me.  I’m sure they    […]

Well, this was a new experience.

I know I don’t actually blog very much anymore other than interesting links.  I haven’t had much time in recent months and really haven’t felt I’ve had much interesting to contribute. Tonight’s events were a bit surprising and interesting though, so I thought I’d share.  I’ve only come near three presidents in my life:  I    […]

Today is a good day…

This week was a landmark in Redfin’s history. Profitability for the first time. You can read more in the write up from our Naked Truth event .

Blog Widget Fun: Where did you get those children?

While reading Glenn’s post on reading resumes (something I’ve spent a ton of time doing lately), I clicked through to Guy Kawasaki’s piercing blog post about cover letters. What cracked me up the most, though, was what the Alltop Widget embedded in the page apparently thought the post was about: slavery news.    widgetfail.png

Fail: product labeling

I had my own Fail Blog moment at the hotel I’m staying and just had to capture it. Not sure if the picture will come through (all I had was my iPhone), but the label says “Mouth wash: $20 pesos”. The product being sold on the other hand: What have you been eating or drinking    […]

My Favorite Presidential Election Moment

This was right at 8pm even when the polls closed on the west coast. King 5 wanted to make sure they were one of the first to call the election, but apparently it didn’t matter that there weren’t any votes counted in WA yet… even according to them! Check out who’s winning and by what    […]

Blast from the Past: Spirograph

My desktop screensaver had some interesting patterns on it today that reminded me and a friend about a toy from childhold. After a bunch of Google’ing and cleaning out memory-cobwebs, we finally remembered it. Do any of you remember Spirograph? You can still get one at Amazon for your favorite youngin’ in your family. photo    […]