Get a Truer Candidate Impression: Start Your Interview at the End

Get a Truer Candidate Impression: Start Your Interview at the End

One of my favorite interview techniques is to begin at the end.  It lets me get a much clearer, untainted sense of a candidate’s point of view.  I’m not talking about some crazy scheme or complicated process.  I usually start a candidate’s interview with what he or she expects to have a chance to ask    […]

Need a New Resume Quickly? Try Resume Builder from LinkedIn Labs

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly find a great person to date only after you give up trying to find her or him?  I know several people that have had that happen.  Often a fantastic opportunity presents itself when you least expect it. The same can be true for your career.  Even if you are perfectly    […]

Job Scooper Update: 70+ sites supported & Now User Friendly!

A few friends have asked me if they can get similar new job alerts to what I’d set up for myself by writing Jobs Scooper.  After sending them one test alert, it was immediately clear to me that I had to make it actually usable for others if they were going to get value from    […]

That Was Fast: Facial Detection Can Now Find Genetic Diseases

Several months ago, I wrote about how well iPhoto and others were detecting matches across generations of relatives.  That post asked “How Long Before Family Trees Can Be Built of Facial Recognition?”   Crazily, we got a partial “yes” answer already! A pair of scientists, Christoffer Nellåker and Andrew Zisserman, from the University of Oxford have apparently developed software    […]

The Invisible Parts of Facebook and the Internet

Gizmodo posted a great article today about Facebook’s new data center in Sweden and the process Facebook went through to design it.  The title, “Building the Part of Facebook No One Ever Sees”, was pretty dead on.  It got me thinking about all the craziness that goes into building a data center for the cloud-based world    […]

Tracking 20+ Job Sites Every Day? Job Scooper Can Help

There are way too many job listings sites out there today. I’ve come across at least 40 of them personally already and I’m sure there are many, many more. Trying to track postings across all these sites can drive you a bit batty. The job aggregator sites usually have a way to get email alerts    […]

Scooper v2: Now Export Any Data from CrunchBase to CSV

Scooper just got a pretty hefty upgrade in the v2 release. The v2 version adds a new ability to export any data from a CrunchBase API call to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (as a .CSV file.)  It also majorly beefs up the amount of data it exported for any company.  Instead of just returning the first level data, it now will include all columns, even if they may have    […]

How To Easily Give Free Money to Charity… Thanks to

Amazon started this amazing charity program,  AmazonSmile. They’ve made it drop-dead easy for you to donate Amazon’s money to your favorite charity – at zero cost to you — just by doing what you’re probably already doing: shopping on Of course, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer like I am, then there’s really no    […]

Jumble: Pie Donuts + Waffle Tacos, LinkedIn + Email

Welcome to ‘Jumble’, my new random stuff post.  There’ve been a few random things I’d come across and wanted to share, but none of them were worth a post alone.  (Probably not even worth a post when together, but I can’t be serious all the time!)  I promise not to use it too often.      […]

Scooper: Export Data for Any Company from Crunchbase, Moz

I threw together a PHP script (called “Scooper“) that exports information for any company name or website URL from a couple of sites, with the two biggest being and TechCrunch’s Crunchbase.  You can also give it a whole list of companies and it’ll crank them all out at once. In the past, it’s the    […]